Parallax @ Medical Museum, Uni.Hospital Georgi Stranski, Pleven, Bulgaria

w/ Atanas Petrov Foundation


The “Parallax” project aims to create a permanent installation of works in the medical museum, which is representative of the political and social upheaval from its founding in 1965, the 50+ years of the structures existence, including its closure around 1989 and reopening in 2015 with the exhibition titled “Appendix”.

This second project “Parallax” at the museum furthers the foundation’s goals of working concretely on the (non traumatic) historical concerns of this modest socialist modernist museum and its surroundings.

It accesses themes such as (un)documentation, accessibility, cure/care as artists explore the characteristics and experience surrounding the historical and political environment of the Architect Petrov’s era through intervention in architecture, art dealing with biopolitics, the significance of identity politics in describing a multifaceted dividualism, the culture of being versus belief, institutional critique and the dispositives of art, science, medicine and architecture.

The Atanas Petrov Foundation, in existence since 2015, first made contact with the architect in 2016, who, as guest at the opening of Parallax, made the first donation of his research work to the foundation.