Julie Gufler / Elektrohaus Hamburg presents

Prousts Fragebogen
mit Arbeiten von Amalie Jakobsen (DK), Rosa Joly (FR), Phelim McConigly (IRE), Julia Metropolit (FR), Axel Stockburger (DE), Yuki Terasaka (JA)

Eröffnung Fr. 25.4, 19 Uhr
Austellungsdauer: 26.4 – 1.5
Öffnungszeiten: Sa. – So. 15-18 Uhr und nach Absprache
Pulverteich 13, Hamburg


Proust’s Questionnaire brings together the work of six artists working in different media who respond to important questions of culture with an emphasis on language and its transformative potential as an analytical movement that is at once combat and caress.
The form of the questionnaire was not originally intended for artists, but refers to social practices in the delicate salons and drawing rooms of 19th century Paris and London. In Prousts Questionnaire, the hybrid emerges in the steady and meditative repetition of homely questions. Are these artists in love? Yes, since they are waiting. As such, desire – which is to say the interstice between these artists and the Other – constitutes a transformative temporality from which new agency can become.